• Black Phosphate Bulge Head Drywall Screw

    Black Phosphate Bulge Head Drywall Screw

    Drywall screw is always used for fastening sheets of drywall to wall studs or ceiling joists.

    Compared to regular screws, drywall screws have the deeper threads.

    This helps prevent the screws from being dislodged easily from the drywall.

    Drywall screws are made of steel.

    In order to drill them into the drywall, a power screwdriver is needed.

    Sometimes plastic anchors are used together with drywall screw. They help balance the weight of a hung object evenly over the surface.

  • Chipboard screw

    Chipboard screw

    Chipboard screws have a deep thread for increased grip strength coarse thread and sharp point to provide maximum grip and minimum strip out into chipboard, MDF board or soft timbers.

    Provided with CR3, CR6 Yellow Zinc / Zinc / Black Oxidize and others.