• Carriage Bolt/Coach bolt/ Round-head square-neck bolt

    Carriage Bolt/Coach bolt/ Round-head square-neck bolt

    carriage bolt

    A carriage bolt (also called coach bolt and round-head square-neck bolt) is a form of bolt used to fasten metal to metal or, more commonly, wood to metal. Also known as a cup head bolt in Australia and New Zealand.


    It is distinguished from other bolts by its shallow mushroom head and the fact that the cross-section of the shank, though circular for most of its length (as in other kinds of bolt), is square immediately beneath the head. This makes the bolt self-locking when it is placed through a square hole in a metal strap. This allows the fastener to be installed with only one tool, a spanner or wrench, working from one side. The head of a carriage bolt usually is a shallow dome. The shank has no threads; and its diameter equals the side of the square cross-section.

    The carriage bolt was devised for use through an iron strengthening plate on either side of a wooden beam, the squared part of the bolt fitting into a square hole in the ironwork. It is common to use a carriage bolt to bare timber, the square section giving enough grip to prevent rotation.


    The carriage bolt is used extensively in security fixings, such as locks and hinges, where the bolt must be removable from one side only. The smooth, domed head and square nut below prevent the carriage bolt from being unlocked from the insecure side



    A nyloc nut, also referred to as a nylon-insert lock nut, polymer-insert lock nut, or elastic stop nut, is a kind of locknut with a nylon collar that increases friction on the screw thread.


  • Flat Washer

    Flat Washer

    Washer most commonly refers to:


    Washer (hardware), a thin usually disc-shaped plate with a hole in the middle typically used with a bolt or nut

  • Threaded Rod

    Threaded Rod

    DIN975,A threaded rod, also known as a stud, is a relatively long rod that is threaded on both ends; the thread may extend along the complete length of the rod. They are designed to be used in tension.Threaded rod in bar stock form is often called all-thread.

    1. Material:Carbon Steel Q195, Q235, 35K, 45K,B7, SS304 , SS316
    2. Grade: 4.8,8.8,10.8, 12.9; 2, 5, 8, 10 ,A2, A4
    3. SIZE: M3-M64, length from one meter to three meter
    4. Standard: DIN975/DIN976/ANSI/ASTM

  •  Long Hex Nut/ Coupling Nut DIN6334

     Long Hex Nut/ Coupling Nut DIN6334

    STYLE Long Hex Nut
    SIZE M6-M36
    CLASS CS : 4,6,8,10,12;SS : SS304,SS316
    Coating(Carbon steel) black, zinc, HDG, Heat treatment, Dacromet, GEOMET
    MATERIAL Carbon steel, Stainless Steel
    PACKING bulk/ boxes in cartons, bulk in polybags/ buckets, etc.
    PALLET solid wood pallet, plywood pallet, ton box/bag, etc.