Long Hex Nut/ Coupling Nut DIN6334

Short Description:

STYLE Long Hex Nut
CLASS CS : 4,6,8,10,12;SS : SS304,SS316
Coating(Carbon steel) black, zinc, HDG, Heat treatment, Dacromet, GEOMET
MATERIAL Carbon steel, Stainless Steel
PACKING bulk/ boxes in cartons, bulk in polybags/ buckets, etc.
PALLET solid wood pallet, plywood pallet, ton box/bag, etc.

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A coupling nut, also known as extension nut, is a threaded fastener for joining two male threads, most commonly a threaded rod,but also pipes. The outside of the fastener is usually a hex so a wrench can hold it. Variations include reducing coupling nuts, for joining two different size threads; sight hole coupling nuts, which have a sight hole for observing the amount of engagement; and coupling nuts with left-handed threads.

Coupling nuts can be used to tighten a rod assembly inward or to press a rod assembly outward.

Along with bolts or studs, connecting nuts are also often used to make homemade bearing and seal pullers/presses. The advantage of a connecting nut over a standard nut in this application is that, due to its length, a greater number of threads are engaged with the bolt. This helps to spread the force over a larger number of threads, which reduces the possibility of stripping or galling the threads under a heavy load.

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