Fasteners, despite their small size, perform a very important task

Fasteners, despite their small size, perform a very important task – connecting various structural elements, equipment and appliances.They are used in everyday life and industry, in maintenance and construction work.A wide variety of fasteners are available on the Ukrainian market.But in order not to make the wrong choice, you need to know the varieties of these products and their main features.
There are many ways to classify fasteners.One of them uses the existence of threads.With its help, you can create detachable connections, which are very popular in everyday life and industrial sites.Popular threaded fasteners include:
Each element has a special purpose.For example, in Bulat-Metal you can see mounts for different tasks.Hex bolts are ideal for joining metal structures and equipment components, as well as self-tapping screws – for repair work involving wooden elements.The operating range of the stent determines its shape, size, material and other parameters.The screws on wood and metal are visually different – the former has a thinner thread and a deviation from the cap.
Standards have been adopted to simplify the use of fasteners and make it easier to replace different products.On the Ukrainian market you will find screws, bolts, nuts and other parts manufactured according to GOST and DIN.The first is the national standard and the second is the international standard.Here are the most popular of them:
The standard means unique materials of manufacture, pitch of threads, length, shape and head of the product, additional elements, strength, etc.GOST or DIN compliance makes fastener selection faster and more efficient.When choosing screws, bolts, self-tapping screws with certain characteristics, it is not necessary to consider their manufacturers.It is enough to open the description of the standard, which will contain all the necessary information, including the recommended conditions of use.
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Post time: Jun-23-2022