New sound-absorbing screw provides sound insulation solution

Sound is an integral part of our lives.It follows us wherever we go, every day.We love sounds that bring us joy, from our favorite music to a baby’s laughter.However, we may also hate the sounds that cause common complaints in our homes, from the neighbor’s barking dog to disturbingly loud conversations.There are many solutions to prevent sound from escaping the room.We can cover the walls with sound-absorbing panels – a common solution in recording studios – or blow insulation into the walls.
Sound-absorbing materials can be thick and expensive.However, Swedish scientists have developed a thinner and less expensive alternative, the simple spring-loaded silencer screw.The revolutionary sound-absorbing screw (aka sound screw) developed by Håkan Wernersson from the Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics at Malmö University, Sweden, is an ingenious solution that requires no custom installation tools and materials.
The sound screw consists of a threaded part at the bottom, a coil spring in the middle and a flat head part at the top.Traditional drywall screws hold a piece of drywall against the wooden studs that make up the structure of the room, while sound screws still hold the drywall securely to the wall, but with a tiny gap that allows springs to stretch and compress, dampening impact on the wall sound energy makes them quieter.During tests in the Sound Lab, the researchers claimed that the Sound Screws were found to reduce sound transmission by up to 9 decibels, making sound entering an adjacent room about half as loud to the human ear as when using conventional screws.
Smooth, featureless walls around your home are easy to paint and are great for hanging art, but they’re also very effective at transferring sound from one room to another.Just by turning the screw, you can replace regular screws with sound screws and solve unpleasant sound problems – no need to add extra building materials or work.Wernersson shared that the screws are already available in Sweden (via Akoustos) and his team is interested in licensing the technology to commercial partners in North America.
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Post time: Jun-28-2022